Peoria Duct Cleaning Expert with DUCTZ Explains Value of Service by NADCA Member

The high standards of quality set by the NADCA ensure customers that they will receive the high quality service they deserve


Peoria AZ – When a customer asked the local duct cleaning expert why it is so important to have the service performed by an NADCA certified contractor he knew that she had already done her due diligence in choosing a company. Vince Divarco, owner of DUCTZ explains that not all duct cleaning companies are the same and some contractors offering this service are not properly qualified.

In addition to carrying the specific license required by their state authorizing them to service HVAC systems and ventilation systems, a duct cleaning service must meet stringent requirements to become an NADCA Member.

NADCA members have signed a Code of Ethics stating they will do everything they can to protect the customer and provide quality duct cleaning service.

Air duct cleaning companies must have a certified Air System Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) on staff that has passed the NADCA Certification Examination.

Air System Cleaning Specialists must attend continuing educational seminars to keep current in the latest technology and maintain their NADCA certification status.

Passing the rigorous NADCA examinations and being qualified as an ASCS demonstrates extensive knowledge in HVAC design and cleaning. Service technicians with DUCTZ meet these qualifications and take great pride in providing quality work with close attention to detail.

DUCTZ of North Phoenix ( is licensed by the Registrar of Contractors to clean and restore residential and commercial duct work in the State of Arizona. In addition, they are members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association).

Duct cleaning service is offered to anyone with a heating and cooling system who may be concerned indoor air quality. Health benefits include elimination of allergy triggers that cause asthma or other respiratory related ailments. Regular Air System Cleaning can extend the life of the heating and cooling equipment and save the customer thousands of dollars in utilities and repair or replacement costs. Vince Divarco serves the Phoenix and Deer Valley area, Scottsdale, Peoria and surrounding cities and communities. Visit to learn more.

Founded in 2002, DUCTZ has become the nation’s largest Air duct cleaning and HVAC Restoration Company. DUCTZ professionals adhere to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (ACCA) standards, undergo rigorous training and are committed to a program of on-going education and quality service. The industry-leading principles and practices employed by DUCTZ professionals have helped to advance the industry by creating new, patented duct cleaning processes. DUCTZ continues to lead the way in certification, training and development.